About Adam Watters


Native Tucsonan

 Adam was born and raised in Tucson.  As a native of Pima County, he has a strong belief in contributing to his community.  He graduated from Canyon del Oro High School in 1979, from the University of Arizona in 1985, and from Arizona State Law School in 2006.  At one time, he owned, operated, and published The Catalina Oracle, a weekly newspaper serving Catalina, Arizona.  He  is an avid history buff, having restored a World War II jeep, which you might see him driving on the weekend. 


Experienced Attorney

 Adam worked as an employment and personal injury attorney before becoming a full-time judge.  He and his wife, Jill, have been married for 27 years.  Their three children, Caitlin, Courtland, and Cassandra, all attended Catalina Foothills High School.  Courtland is an engineering graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Caitlin is in her third year of law school at ASU.  Cassandra is attending the U of A studying psychology and Japanese. 


Volunteer Coach

 Adam's real "hobby" is coaching football.  He has been a volunteer coach at the youth and local high school level for 13 years.  He believes football teaches young men the value of commitment, hard work, and dedication to a long-term goal.  

The Watters family visits the Oval Office


The Watters family, including his wife, Jill, and their three children, Courtland, Cassandra and Caitlin, were fortunate to visit the White House and meet President George W. Bush.  This is a copy of the signed photo given Courtland Watters.  Each of the children, including cousin Charlotte, received a photo.

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